The Charmed Season 9

Every decision counts...

Episode 9x01 - The Prudence Halliwell Effect

Piper Halliwell smiles brightly as she walks into the kitchen of the Halliwell manor, the ancestral home of generations of Warren witches and the safe-haven for her and her sisters. It had been 2 years since she and her sisters had defeated the Ultimate Power and the Triad and her Charmed duties had been very demon lite since then, which had given her time to get back to her roots and start cooking something other than potions and have the daughter she had always dreamt she would have.

Good things hadn’t come to only herself; her sisters, Paige and Phoebe had also benefitted from their new destiny. Paige had gotten back to her whitelighter genes and spent her days looking after her various Charges. More recently, she and her husband, Henry, have been busy trying to have a baby. As for Phoebe, she grew up quickly when she found her perfect man, Coop and fell instantly in love. After a romantic wedding it didn’t take long for Phoebe to become pregnant, with twins I might add, all the while writing an advice book called “Ask Phoebe”. Her book quickly became a best seller and she gave birth to two healthy twin girls. All was well with the world for the Charmed sisters!

“Morning!” Piper exclaims as she pours herself a cup of coffee and sticks a baby monitor into her back pocket. She sits at the table with her husband and her sons, Wyatt and Chris. Wyatt had just turned five and Chris, four. “I just fed Melinda and put her back to bed”, Piper says as Leo and the boys hand her a giant bouquet of flowers and a card. “Oh my goodness! What is this buddy?” She asks Chris as she opens the card. It says, “Congratulations, Mommy”.

Piper kisses Chris, Wyatt and then her husband, Leo. “Thank you. Really. This is great.” Suddenly Piper panics as she notices the time on the digital clock on the stove. “Oh no! I’m late! I will call you guys later!” She stands grabbing her keys and coat and runs out the door.

Paige and Phoebe stand in front of a restaurant surrounded by a crowd of people with cameras and large TV crews. “Where’s Piper?” Phoebe groans, checking her phone. “She’s the guest of honor after all and I have to be at a meeting at 3”.

Paige groans, “ I am SO tired, so would you quit complaining, please?”

“Why? You and Henry up all night?” Phoebe gives her youngest sister a look.

“Very funny! No wonder we’re having trouble conceiving; the fetus’s probably hear how you’re all up in our business and orb out…to safety!!”

“Maybe you and Henry should go see a gypsy doctor or a magical mid-wife.”

“I don’t know…" 

Suddenly the crowd along the building begins to cheer as Piper’s JEEP rolls up to the curb and Piper climbs out. She makes her way to the front where a red ribbon covers the doorway to the restaurant and there is a podium. She stands at the podium as she waits for the crowd to become silent.

Piper clears her throat and begins to speak, “ Thank you all for coming! I know it’s hot so, I don’t want to bore any of you with a long speech. I would just like to say, welcome to Benedetto! Enjoy!”

The crowd cheers and Phoebe and Paige make a few catcalls and whistles before making their way to the front where Piper is standing. Piper accepts them graciously, “Hey!”

“Congrats, sweetie!” Phoebe exclaims. The crowds roar blocks out their conversation as Piper’s demeanor changes.

“Thank you, but, I’m freaking out! There were three crates of wine supposed to be delivered yesterday and they aren’t here yet! How am I supposed to make my specialty if I don’t have the wine?”

“Calm down, sweetie! Let’s go inside and make a little phone call to your supplier”, Paige says as she steers her very panicked sister towards the door of her restaurant. Piper groans as she enters the restaurant, “ I guess I’m lucky it isn’t demon trouble!”

Just as she utters those words, the world around her and her sisters froze. Piper, along with her sisters, look around. “Great, just great!” Piper exclaims.

“Well,” Paige says pointing to a group of three crates, “at least your wine came!”

Piper gives Paige and Phoebe a death glare, “Ha…ha!”

“Uhm! Ladies!” the Angel of Destiny says clearing his throat as the sisters realize he is sitting at a table in the restaurant, “I think you’ll want to hear this”.

“We aren’t interested!” Phoebe said, “We’ve played the whole “destiny” game before and we aren’t about to do it again!”

“Oh, really?” the Angel taunted, “Not even to get your beloved Prudence back?”


“What are you talking about?” Piper said, stepping forward to challenge the Angel.

“Prue was taken for you for a very specific purpose, although you may not have known it. You and Phoebe needed to meet Paige, which you never would have done -well, why don’t I just show you?”

Piper, Paige and Phoebe are about to protest when the angel begins to speak, “Oh, don’t worry. The world here will stay frozen until we return and everything will stay the same until you make a decision. Come on, no time to dawdle!”  The Angel snaps his fingers and the sisters and the Angel appear standing before Piper only she is 7 years younger.

The sisters watch as Prue enters the attic, while Past Piper flips through the Book of Shadows. “Honey, it’s four in the morning! We aren’t going to find Phoebe or defeat Shax if you’re too exhausted to cast a spell”. Past Piper just stares off into space as tears form in her eyes. “I just want her back, Prue!”

As Piper and her sisters watch the scene play out Piper protests, “This isn’t right! Prue should be dead and Phoebe should be telling me to get some sleep before Prue’s funeral!”  The Angel replies, “Watch!” With another flash they are standing in the attic in the light of day. Piper looks at her watch, “ It’s the 28th, the day of Prue’s funeral.” 

Suddenly Past Piper tears into the attic followed by Prue at her heels. “I’m calling mom and Grams if it’s the last thing I do! No more of this, “I’m sorry girls! This is your mess to clean up” crap!” Past Piper rants, “They are going to help us whether they like it or not!” Past Piper and Prue have made their way to the podium and the Book of Shadows. Past Piper opens the book and casts the spell to call Patty and Penny. Within moments Patty and Penny are standing in front of the girls.

“Hi, my girls”, Patty says, smiling in her corporeal form.

“Any luck?” Grams ask, “You know, with finding Phoebe?”

“No”, Prue says, “ but we were hoping you could help us”.

Patty and Penny hesitate before Patty speaks, “ Girls… there is something I should tell you”.

“Patty! Do you think that’s the best idea now, especially with Phoebe missing?”

“Well, mom, they deserve to know…she’s their sister after all!”

Paige, Piper and Phoebe watch as a demon shimmers into the attic behind Aunt Pearl’s sofa and watches as the scene unfolds. “Who’s that?” Paige asks, drawing the attention of Phoebe.


“That’s Shax in his human form”, the Angel answers, “Watch!”

“What?” Past Piper yells, “ You never thought to tell us we had another sister?”

“We didn’t have a choice, “ Grams protests, “ Before you and Leo, Piper, witch/whitelighter relationships were practically unthinkable.”

“That isn’t an excuse, “ Prue scolds, “you should have told us!”

“Do you know where she is?” Past Piper asks through tears, “Paige, I mean.”

“No”, Patty says, “ After she was born, Sam and I, we dropped her off at a church, in the care of a Sister Agnes and told the nun to find her a good home and to give her the name of Paige”.

“I’ll call Darryl and see if he can find this Sister Agnes and any baby by the name of Paige adopted around that time. Maybe we can track them down and Paige can help us vanquish Shax and find Phoebe”. Prue walks out of the attic, leaving Past Piper standing at the podium before Grams and Patty.

“Piper, sweetie”, Patty begins.

“NO!” Past Piper says, “ I don’t want to hear it anymore. After this I’m done being a witch. Consider the Charmed Ones over!” Past Piper closes the book and Patty and Penny disappear.

Flash! Now, Paige, Piper and Phoebe stand and watch as Past Paige brings Shane onto the rooftop of P3. “Isn’t it beautiful!” Past Paige exclaims, “I feel so free up here!” Paige twirls around, enjoying herself and the fresh air. Shane grabs her.

“Are you sure we’re allowed to be up here?”

Past Paige smiles and kisses him. “I am sure…. SHANE! LOOK OUT!” 

Suddenly Shax appears and sends his energy at Shane and Past Paige. Past Piper and Prue tear onto the scene saying the Shax vanquishing spell, but it’s too late and the energy zaps Past Paige and Shane. Shax disappears.

“Oh, no!” Past Piper panics as she goes and kneels by the lifeless Past Paige.

Piper, Paige and Phoebe stand watching with tears in their eyes. “She’s dead”, Past Piper, says, starting to hyperventilate. “That’s enough”, Phoebe tells the Angel.

“LOOK!” Piper says tearing Phoebe back to the scene.

The Source has appeared on the rooftop. “Pity”, The Source says as he looks at the remnants of what would have been the Charmed Ones, reconstituted. “She would have made a lovely peace offering to the vampires, or perhaps, a bride to myself, don’t you think?”

Past Piper and Prue stand in front of Past Paige and Shane. The Source makes his way toward them, forming a fireball. “Say goodnight ladies”, he taunts as he prepares to throw the fireball. Just as he is about to throw it, Cole jumps in front of it and absorbs it and the Source’s powers.

Past Piper and Prue stare at the scene in astonishment. Paige, Piper and Phoebe stare in the same dumbfounded way.  “Balthazar!” the Source screams.

“Bet you weren’t expecting me!” Cole says.

“Or me”, Past Phoebe says, shimmering in next to Cole and grabbing his hand. Together the two raise their hands and the Source goes up in a giant ball of fire as he screams. When the dust clears, Past Phoebe and Cole turn to Past Piper and Prue.

“Phoebe?” Prue asks, hesitantly, “Are you okay?”

Past Phoebe smiles, “I think the real question is, are you okay Prue?”

“Phoebe?” Past Piper asks, “This isn’t you!”

“Well, aren’t you the brightest Crayon in the box today!” Past Phoebe cackles.

Cole chuckles at her side, “That’s my girl! We’ve had a little intervention, you might say”.

“I knew you would corrupt her Cole!” Prue yells.

Suddenly lightening shoots out of Past Phoebe’s hands and throws Prue to the ground.  “Don’t yell at my husband!”

“Phoebe, stop this. We’re your sisters!  We love you! Come home with us.” Past Piper pleads.

“Oh, enough with the whining and the begging! Besides, I can’t come home. Cole and I are expecting the heir to the Underworld. I don’t think the demonic community would appreciate him being around such influences of good.”

By this time, Prue has regained her composure. Cole looks at her and back at Past Piper. “Kill them.” Cole commands.

Past Phoebe raises her hands and electrocutes her sisters to death. Past Phoebe and Cole smile at each other and shimmer out, leaving the dead Past Piper, Prue, Past Paige and Shane.

“No!” Phoebe screams as her sisters try and comfort her.  She falls to the ground crying. Flash!


For a moment all is black, as if the world has fallen into black hole and everything else has been obliterated. Then everything begins to come into focus. Above is a pile of burning rubble, to the side ashes. Piper blinks as she tries to sit up, coughing up small droplets of blood. She struggles to stand up, but once she does she can see her surroundings and where she is. “Oh, god! No! Phoebe!! Paige!!”

Piper climbs over a pile of burning debris, searching for one of her sisters. She hears jingling and Paige orbs in front of her. Paige looks around. “Piper?”

“Behind you.” Piper says. When Paige turns around she almost faints.

“Piper! Oh my god! We have to get you to a hospital! Where’s Phoebe?”

“I don’t know. What happened? Where’s the angel?”

“I don’t know! I just woke up in the park somewhere and then I heard you calling so, I orbed here and…your restaurant is gone!”

Piper coughs and her hand is covered in blood, “I don’t feel so good!” Piper begins to fall, but Paige orbs over to her and catches her.

“Let’s get you to a hospital!” Paige and Piper disappear.

Meanwhile, Phoebe jumps awake, as if from a bad dream to find herself in her bed in Halliwell Manor. She looks around surprised and nearly collapses when she see’s she is sleeping next to Cole Turner, her former husband. “Oh my God!” she mouths to herself.

Suddenly there is a knock on her door and the Seer enters the room. “I hope I didn’t wake you, my queen. I’ve just come to give you your tonic.” Phoebe tries to disguise her horror as she smiles.

“No, just leave it on the night-stand, I’ll take it later. I’m not feeling to well”, Phoebe says, which wasn’t exactly a lie. She was feeling a little nauseous.

 “I think you should take it now. It would make you feel better, I’m sure.”

“I said no!” Phoebe’s anger suddenly flared and a fireball appeared in her hand. Phoebe stares in horror at the burning sphere. It quickly extinguishes.

“I see the baby is channeling its powers through its mommy. It will be a very powerful heir to the Sources throne indeed”, the Seer smiles as she looks at the sleeping Cole. Phoebe stares at Cole in horror as she realizes what is going on.

“Piper, stay with me! You’re doing fine! We’re almost there!” Paige races through town in a stolen car she had found in the desolate city of San Francisco. All around her were burning buildings, looters in the streets and total destruction everywhere.

“What is going on?” she whispers to herself, as she wipes her brow of sweat, her vision going blurry.

“The angel lied to us”, Piper says, “ He told us everything would stay the same. We must have done something to change the future. Can’t you orb us?”

“I tried, remember? I lost my…my….powers”.

Paige turns the corner, “We’re here…”.

Phoebe stands in front of her bed, hands over her mouth as she shakes her head. “This can’t be happening”, she thinks, “I’ve got to find Piper and Paige!” She inches her way towards the door and disappears into the hallway and up the stairs to the attic. There she glances the book of Shadows.

“Oh thank god!” She whispers as she races over to the book. She hesitates before she reaches out to touch it, “Please, I’m good! Please!” She touches the book and sighs with relief before receiving a premonition. She sees her sisters’ die at her hand while she smiles in pure enjoyment. Cole is at her side and he smiles, as her sisters are decimated. She screams out in agony as she falls to the ground crying uncontrollably. She was alone in this crazy, unimaginable alternate reality where her sisters are dead because of her. She begins rocking back and forth.

Paige frantically searches the hospital for help for Piper, but the hospital is deserted. “Help! Please, my sister is dying! Anyone?” When no one answers, Paige begins to loose hope as she kneels to the ground. She tries to catch her breath and her head swims. What was going on? She had to get to the manor, that is, if the manor still existed. If it did, she could get the Book of Shadows and find someway to get them out of this situation. It was then that the idea occurred to her.

She began to draw. Soon, a triquetra appeared in the dust on the ground. Paige let out a deep breath and began to chant, “Spirits, here my plea. Send my message through space and time, reveal Phoebe to me now, in this place and time.”

After a few seconds, the triquetra on the floor began to ripple and a vision appeared within it. Paige could see Phoebe, weeping at the podium with the book in her hands. “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you!” she sobs. As quickly as it appeared, the image of Phoebe disappeared and Paige stared at the drawing. At least she knew the manor still stood and Phoebe was alive. Now she had to keep herself and Piper alive and get to the manor.

At the manor, Phoebe still wept next to the Book of Shadows. She looked up as Cole Turner sauntered in, in a well tailored black suit and red shirt under a black tie. He wore black patent leather shoes and around his finger was a wedding ring. “Phoebe.”

“Cole”, Phoebe said, wiping her nose and eyes, standing.

“What are you doing up here?” Cole asked, “I hope you aren’t still mourning the loss of your sisters, you know how it upsets the baby and your stomach”.

New tears appeared in Phoebe’s eyes as she filled with rage and she formed two fireballs in her hands. “You made me do it!”, she screamed, “Bastard! You made me kill them!”

 From the street you wouldn't have known that inside the Halliwell Manor a battle was ensuing. At least, Paige didn't as she made her way down Prescott Street, her head swimming. She had to stay alive. After eight years she wasn't going to let them die like this. If only...she finally pulled into a parking spot near the manor. She needed to get to Phoebe. If she could get to Phoebe she could save everything. Paige turned to look at Piper who was lying in the back seat of the car. "Pip...Oh, no!" She cried as she jumped into the back seat and cradled her sisters head in her hands. "No, please, no. Piper...wake up honey". 

Paige slid out onto the ground sobbing until she couldn't sob anymore and let everything wash away. She closed her eyes, giving up completely. Inside the manor Cole and Phoebe were screaming at each other. Cole grabbed Phoebe and pinned her against the wall. "Just end it", Phoebe screamed, "I hate you. Just end it". Cole uncontrollable with rage threw the fireball at Phoebe, reducing her to nothing but ashes. Cole fell to the ground sobbing as a silence fell over prescott street. The silence of the grave. 


(Press play on the music player!)


It felt like everything had rewound at a heightened pace. Voices cried from every corner. 

"I hate you! Just end it!"

"No, please, no. Piper...wake up honey!"

"You made me kill them!"

"Help! My sister is dying! Anyone?"

I'm sorry I couldn't save you!"

"What happened? Where's the Angel?"

"Phoebe, Paige!"

Like a horrific dream they had awaken from, the sisters were again standing before the Angel of Destiny as they were before. All three gasped for air as they tried not to fall over. They looked around wiping the tears from their eyes. "Well ladies", the Angel began, "what do you say?"

The Charmed Ones looked at each other and back at the Angel. "It looks like we have a decision to make". 

"Don't take long. Destiny cannot wait forever". With that the Angel disappeared and the world resumed. 

The girls once again looked at each other before looking outside at the crowd coming into Benedetto. A server rushed by the girls as they stood there carrying a spreadsheet and layout of the restaurant. He stopped and turned to the girls, "You better get cooking Piper! We've got a full deck tonight!"

"Huh?" Piper said looking up. "Oh! Okay, places everyone!!" She turned and ran for the kitchen. Phoebe and Paige looked at each other in shock and fear.